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  Maureen's New Book Is Here !!!
 See Below For Details 

Siam Kennels was established in 1975 as a small and caring kennels for dogs and cats.

A smaller facility is less noisy and traumatizing...
Your pet receives more care and cuddle time !

During January and February the kennels are closed to new clients and
reopened to them in March. Established customers are welcome year round.

Open 7 days a week with visitation for humans vacationing in the Catskills.
New customers must come for an afternoon 'try out' visit as we all know
children and pets behave differently when away from home.
Owner resides on property. 
We feature Separate and Safe indoor quarters 8'H X 8'L X 4'
Our Separate and Safe outdoor runs are 17' X 10'

Daily rate available at  $30. Your dog's overnight stay includes 3 x daily romps in the outdoor covered and on cement runs, beginning at 6:30 A.M., 12:30 + 7:30 P.M. They can touch noses through the fencing but are safely separate. For those not accustomed to doing their 'business' on cement I have a 60 ft. run  to feel free on the grass, catch frizbees, chase tennis balls or just enjoy the sunshine- one on one. I  NEVER place strange dogs together only those in a family unit. 

All males must be neutered and females boarded only out of season.

Training Basics.............Sit, Heel and Down-no nibble etc.

I train YOU to train your dog, or cat, at Your Home.

Local In Your Home Care.......Once or Twice Daily............Great For Cats !

Trouble With That New Pup.......I'm Just a Phone call Away.........



"You are welcome to stay for tender , artistic, tranquilizer - free, grooming of all breeds."

   I know money is tight but did you know that I have alerted many owners to grass fungus reactions (little red swellings on the belly and runny eye allergies), small potential lumps and bumps that need watching, tiny dot tics in the ears, a tender ankle or knee from too much hiking or a tired spine from way too much jumping? I am a Reiki Master and Teacher. So when your sweetie is finished with an all natural product grooming or hot oil treatment for drier skin, they also can receive a Reiki session. (By the by this is offered for humans also. Just the Reiki, not the grooming, (grin).

Grooming by appointment only, due to arthritic pain, I can only groom dogs that are small to medium size, up to 50 lbs.

"Established customers still always welcome"

* Discount For Senior Citizens*

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Located just 5 minutes from Ski Windham
and 30 minutes from the Catskill Thruway exit.
" 30 Years Professional Experience "

Our Review & Customer Comment Page


 Reviews ..................

I am an advocate for children in child neglect and abuse proceedings in
court.  I was struck by the book written by Maureen Heffernan, "Lost and
Found" in how applicable it is to the emotional issues afflicting the
children I represent.

I connected with the plight of the author in having her name changed as a
child.  The author connects to animals that are discarded by their owners
and then forced to adapt to a new name and life.  Similarly, I have
represented children who are placed away from their homes and into foster
homes.  These children are forced to adapt to strange people and strange
surroundings.  Many are compelled to start new schools at disruptive times. 
These displaced children have questions.  They are afraid.  "Where is my
Mommy and Daddy?  Was it my fault that I can't live with them?"

The book touches us as humans, concerned with vulnerable, helpless animals. 
The connection made by the author, as an abuse survivor to abused animals,
gives hope and warmth to an otherwise dire reality.  It is a highly
recommended book to give to children so they can see that there is hope.

Jennifer A. Sandleitner

   "Heffernan-Rich's journey through life is a search for trust, love and a lessening of the pain she has endured. Her interaction with the dogs she rescued and her own personal dog and cat pets is a trip through her life from darkness to light with the marks on the trail, the names of her beloved pets.
     As she opens herself as a writer and a person, this will be a rich path to follow!"
Gershen Shevett

     " Heffernan-Rich's work has the effect of good music - it moves the reader to invisible heights. Her voice IS the voice of the mountains.
Carolyn Bennett

     "A most compelling addition to the works of Heffernan-Rich. She possesses the skill of making events come alive and has the ability to elicit both laughter and tears. A remarkable writer that we will all be hearing more of in the near future.
G. Wade Cover

Thank you so very much for sending me your new book.  It is a lovely expression of your life and service.  The pictures are great and I've been reading my way through it.  Good job!!!!!  It is very enjoyable and touches the heart strings.... as all good books should.  Keep writing Lady!

Michelina Foster

This is the voice of Mother Maureen which echoes with the warmest  tone from
Windham mountain to the world!
We feel her deep love and dedication to her lifelong work from her  writing.
We recommend this book to all the dog and cat owners, animal  lovers, even
to parents of children.
You would find a right way from this book when you get lost.
Also, It is our honor to find the episode about our loving dog Kuma in  this
book! Thank you, Maureen!

   Tony & Yuko Bruno

While skiing at Windham Mountain, Siam Kennels did an absolute wonderful job
pet sitting our small 12 pound Havanese Poodle and making him feel right at
home.  The skiing was great, but the pet sitting Maureen provided was even
better!  After seeing how shy and timid Simba was, Maureen even let him stay
with her inside their house, which really helped him feel comfortable around
his new surroundings.  And, with Siam Kennels accepting drop offs at 7:30am,
we had plenty of time to make first tracks at Windham when they opened at
8am.  If you are looking for reliable and caring pet services while visiting
Windham, New York, I highly recommend Siam Kennels.  Maureen and her husband
went above and beyond our expectations!!!

Tim & Lisa Leffler

If you'd enjoy a copy just go to


Or Call 518 734-3168... Cell 518 719-5849



   Directions........On the thruway 87 take exit 21 - Catskill.
Proceed to 23west and climb straight up the mountain for about 20 minutes.
As you are approaching beautiful Windham, (The Land in The Sky ), 
 On your right you will see St. Theresa's Church, The Winwood,
and then a cemetery. At end of this make a right onto Mitchell Hollow Road.
Travel up 1 & 1/2 miles after which, take a left onto Siam Road.
    I am just 5 houses in at #59 Siam, where you will see the large kennel sign.
You won't hear many dogs barking because they are usually very content
and happy. Please come to the back door and  ring the large black bell on your left.
See you soon.
+ Maureen

* If you are running late you MUST call 518 734-3168 *


There is a large discount for anyone who presents cards + proof that they
have served in the Iraq or Afghanistan wars.

Gift certificates for boarding, training or grooming are available & make unique presents.

 E-Mail Rev. Maureen

For help & answers for any problems from puppy hood to elder age contact..

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